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"Reality Search - Gospel sociology"

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Michelle Nailon
B. Arts, B.Theol., M. Theol., GradDipTheol.

sociology of the gospel

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For January 2018,
two new sites that "reverse" the approach of RealitySearch. presents a series of workshops on that subject. presents the same workshops but with links back to the source documents.

sociology of the gospel

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Note: Some introductory material on the realitysearch books can be found on
RealitySearch material on the book of Acts can now be found on
and Gospel of John can be found on

This web site originally started out with the idea of putting up reality search material on one of the "five pivotal texts" at a time, then deleting it and putting up another set of texts etc. However after starting out with Mark there was quite a bit of traffic to the site. So the markan material was put on instead of deleting it.

The realitysearch books were put up one at a time on this site till arriving at the gospel of John. The material on the book of Acts has now been moved to its own site of But instead of putting up the material on John on this site it has been moved directly to its own site on

One of the major differences between material on this site and then its own site is that on this site the full workshops on for example the gospel of Mark were shown. However when the material was moved to its own site the workshops were no longer available in full. (They are available for download on So a difference in the case of the gospel of John is that the workshops will be (temporily) available on

It is hoped in time to get around to doing briefer workshops on the books. Two of these have already been done for Mark and for Matthew. (See and www.gospelofmatthew).

In the meantime material directly related to sociology is available here.

Material to help in understanding

Towards a Sociological Interpretation of the Gospels

Questions and Answers

The booklet above is the first section of a much fuller exploration of positions in the material below,

This referenced material, below (over 300 pages), explores positions that are either at the base of the Reality Search Gospel analysis or which are raised by the analysis.

Is There a Critique of Greek Philosophy in the Gospels?

Also, given that the Reality Search Analysis uses Semiotic Analysis as a method of interpretation an explanation of this method is provided here.
according to the Catholic Pontifical Biblical Commission 1994

sociology of the gospel

Gospel Sociology